Jon Pareles has been the chief popular music critic at The New York Times since 1988. In those years, Mr. Pareles has watched Adele rehearse for a world tour, visited U2 recording sessions in Dublin, talked with Justin Bieber about how to make a hit, shopped for bling with Pharrell, partied all night with Bjork in Iceland, interviewed James Brown on prison work release, attended a private trance ceremony in Morocco, paraded in carnival costume in Rio de Janeiro, spent an evening at Radiohead favorite pub and been personally denounced from the stage of Madison Square Garden by Axl Rose at Guns’ N Roses concerts.

Dónde ha puesto su bronce?No tiene sitio aún. Llevo la medalla de un lado a otro. Mis amigas, la familia. El procesador Pentium de la firma Intel enfrentó un problema de falla de la coma flotante que empezó a divulgarse en foros de Internet y luego en la prensa. Se debía a un error menor de diseo en el chip, lo que causaba un error de redondeo en la división mientas se estudiaba ciertos complejos problemas matemáticos. El usuario normal de “Excel” tendría este problema una vez cada 27.000 aos, pero al salir en la prensa el problema se amplificó muchísimo y los usuarios comenzaron a llamar para pedir el cambio del procesador..

Though this heightened sensibility is sustained throughout, the second act is a bit of a letdown. That’s when the Plot, with a capital P, takes over, and self conscious Important Moments occur. People start explaining, with labored specificity, aspects of themselves that we have already inferred.

In college sports, the University of Washington uses Pinterest to flaunt what it offers prospective student athletes. Boards called “Best 4 Years of Your Life” and “Seatown Swag” show off student culture and the university’s prime location. Assistant athletic director Carter Henderson said the school created those boards in part because they noticed that collections themed around travel destinations were already popular on the network..

To hear Fleming tell it, Kyrgios’s supposed vices were actually virtues. His combustive personality might rankle tennis traditionalists and some members of the media, but it was a boon for the sport. “He’s unscripted, he can bring in casual fans he’s one of the few athletes who can do that,” Fleming said.

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