Para mí tampoco lo es, pero tengo bastante claro que es de largo el mejor de esta selección y la referencia, además de eso tiene ya en sólo 1 temporada un bagaje en Euroliga y ACB, que ninguno de sus compaeros tiene. Eso creo que junto con su talento es aval suficiente como para considerarlo la gran referencia de esta selección. Te recomiendo que sigas el partido que se está disputando ahora y veas el nivel que demuestra, ahora mismo 16 ptos Mirotic, Espaa 32 en total.

Obviously tired, Williams wanted nothing more than to go home that evening and sleep, but there were hours of styling yet to endure. She had been lazily picking at some ribs on Long’s plate and suddenly regretted it, perhaps thinking of the photo ops ahead at the ESPYs. “I ate too many,” Williams said, turning to face Long.

“Coming in second place, it had got old, believe me. We got Big Mo. We felt we could win every night, no matter who we played. After that he went over the net, shook my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek (!!!!!!). Then we walked (and talked) together to the other court where he was going to practice more with Hewitt. I watched this second practice and then after they were done Roger came up to me and said “well that’s my day” and we talked for a bit more, and then he said “I’ll see you on Sunday” (this was a Friday) and I freaked out because oh my gosh I was gonna see him again!!! So yeah that was it for this day.

And couldn’t Willy Bogner have waited a beat before giving the go ahead to German team uniforms he designed, the ones printed with rainbow pastels and mistakenly interpreted as a rebuke to Russia’s antigay policies? It turned out, as Mr. Bogner later explained to the German Press Agency, the uniforms were instead a “celebratory design inspired by the wonderful atmosphere” of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Those were the Games at which 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were massacred by Palestinian terrorists..

For his part, Mr. Bergé demonstrated a business creativity that the fashion world had seldom seen before. In the 1960s, he expanded Saint Laurent’s operations from haute couture into the far more profitable ready to wear market, with boutiques in Paris, New York and other cities across the globe.

La entrada de Amazon en este sector no es la única de un enorme marketplace. Alibaba o Paypal, el sistema de pagos propiedad de Ebay, también ofrecen préstamos a pequeas empresas. La segunda, que puso en marcha este programa en septiembre de 2013, ya ha prestado más de 500 millones de dólares, poco más de 450 millones de euros, a una media de dos millones de dólares diarios, según declaró su portavoz, Josh Criscoe, y recogió Reuters..