Este despacho de abogados también habría asesorado a Nike, que creó un subsidiario en Bermudas con el fin de evadir el pago de impuestos. Según La Sexta, Nike cobraba regalías de marca a la sede europea en Holanda a través de esta sociedad en Bermudas. Así, “evitaba pagar impuestos por transferir miles de millones de ganancias fuera de Europa”, seala el medio de comunicación..

He told us in an e mail recently, “One of the newest forms of media is not media at all, but software and platforms. Increasingly, AKQA is developing applications and marketing platforms that provide greater utility, entertainment and information to our clients’ customers without relying on traditional media channels. One example of this is the Fiat eco:Drive application we created that allows Fiat drivers to monitor their driving skills and fuel efficiency and helps drivers to lower CO emissions.”.

These are the people that do everything for a living; and I mean EVERYTHING. They are self proclaimed social media experts and they are usually a CEO or founder of something. Their bio usually includes words like this: startup, expert, artist, visionary, social media, enthusiast, specialist, marketing, PR, sales, properties, and maven..

OBJETIVOS Promover la calidad en el proceso de atención de los pacientes con heridas. Proveer cuidado integral y especializado al paciente con heridas agudas y/o crónicas de alta complejidad o difícil manejo. Optimizar la utilización de los recursos en el manejo de las heridas.

Y, como se verá adelante, es mayor que cualquier máquina que funcione cíclicamente entre las mismas fuentes de temperatura. Una máquina térmica que realiza este ciclo se denomina máquina de Carnot. Como todos los procesos que tienen lugar en el ciclo ideal son reversibles, el ciclo puede invertirse.

On Easter Sunday 2010, Tony Hawk hosted his second annual Tony Hawk Treasure Hunt on Twitter, where he gave away skateboards, backpacks, guitars and other merchandise to fans. The scavenger hunt was announced on his website and Twitter feed using the hashtag THTH. And across the world and then spent hours on Twitter on Sunday revealing their locations and learning which ones were found..

Another certification, Fair Trade USA, began in coffee and only recently moved into apparel. PrAna, a yoga company that is among the first American apparel firms to be fair trade certified, said the process included tours of its cut and sew plant in Liberia and other factories, a review of factory books and systems, and an assessment of workers’ pay relative to local salaries. PrAna sold one fair trade T shirt in 2011, and now sells nine such products..